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Point of Sale and Inventory software for Retail.

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Find out how modern retail enterprises use Erply to grow their business.

ERPLY retail software platform is engineered to make every retail business more scalable and easier to manage. Our rock-solid cloud platform with RetailAPI enables you to deliver unified multi-channel customer loyalty and experience. Our team can implement E2E solutions up to 500 locations.


Technology to make life easier

ERPLY's premium cloud software brings a whole new dimension of convenience and efficiency to retail. Access your inventory in real-time. Anywhere. Anytime. Need a price change? Make it from anywhere and have all stores updated instantly.

Make ERPLY your one-stop software for all ERP needs, a reliable and robust multi-channel execution system to dramatically increase value throughout the customer lifecycle. Create and customize loyalty programs to increase customer retention rate and sales, attract new customers, and track customer spending and activity, which ultimately leads to soaring profits.

Enterprise power with simplicity

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange: Promote collaboration with your suppliers or customers. With ERPLY, you'll receive relevant data accuracy and profitable growth while decreasing work hours and errors. Make your big tasks small, so you can move on to more important things.

Centralized Campaigns and Pricing: Get all of your outlets in line, run national marketing campaigns, and redeem them anywhere you sell. ERPLY understands that every customer is unique, thus you can set prices to meet with company standard, location, demographics, and specific patterns to encourage repeat shopping.

Reports on your promotions, tally your success, or tweak your plans based on data from all your stores. Plan national or local campaigns to target specific groups, events, and needs. Monitor all activities at your headquarter with ease.

Increase customer interaction with mobility

Mobile sales for mobile staff. In every business, your staff is a core asset. Move them from behind the counter to the forefront to interact and engage with your customers. ERPLY iPad POS allows retailers to showcase products and ring up transactions from anywhere and anyhow.

The power of customer data, inventory look-up, promotion programs, and wireless payments on a handheld device gives your sales team the tools they need to drive sales and grow your business.

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