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Point of Sale and Inventory software for Retail.
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Hardware options

Give your register a makeover. All you need is an iPad and one of our hardware bundles.

We've picked and bundled the hardware components that best work together. You'll have your new innovative point of sale running with ease.

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● ● ●
iPad enclosure, cash drawer, bluetooth receipt printer and bluetooth barcode scanner

Bundle 1

iPad enclosure, cash drawer, bluetooth receipt printer and bluetooth barcode scanner

Price: $940

● ● ●
iPad enclosure, cash drawer and receipt printer

Bundle 2

iPad enclosure, cash drawer and receipt printer. Optional bluetooth barcode scanner also available.

Price: $615

One of the many benefits of ERPLY hybrid software is that it has extremely low hardware requirements. In reality all that is needed is access to the internet in order to get ERPLY up and running.

The hardware requirements are really low because most processing is completed on our servers and not your store computer.

You can also save a lot of money because you don’t need to pay for backup, backup drives or even a nas server. This means total savings of thousand dollars!

However although ERPLY is not in the business of selling hardware, we do realize that our customer’s needs are also our responsibility. For this reason ERPLY has established partnerships with some of the industry’s leading POS hardware providers. We do our best to provide our customers with the lowest pricing possible when it comes to hardware. Keeping the barriers of entry low is our main goal! All of our Point of sale terminals come with 3 year warranty, keeping with our culture of low overhead.