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Point of Sale and Inventory software for Retail.
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ERPLY 2015 Beta

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ERPLY 2015 Beta

This version is currently in beta, but we encourage you to take it for a test drive and try out the features. Share your experience and give us feedback; we’ll use it to make the new version even more useful and user-friendly.


ERPLY 2015 Beta

Mobile-friendly user interface

The refreshed user interface is now mobile-friendly. You don't need to get back to the office to process orders and bill customers — you can do it right now, on your phone or iPad.

Clear workflow

Improved workflow guides you through the steps of taking an order, shipping the goods and billing the customer. The new interface is more intuitive and eliminates extra unnecessary clicks. Add customers and SKUs as you go, without interrupting your workflow. ERPLY 2015 puts important information front and center, while still making it easy to delve in the details.

ERPLY 2015 Beta
ERPLY 2015 Beta

Hit the ground running

No lengthy setup process. Less time needed for configuring the system and entering data; add customers, addresses, types, product groups as you go.

Easy quotes and estimates

Print quotes and estimates with product descriptions and images. Calculate and adjust your sales margin and selling price right on the quote.

ERPLY 2015 Beta
ERPLY 2015 Beta

Common tasks highlighted

Clear, simple buttons for the most common operations and convenient navigation.

Fast data entry

More keyboard-friendly navigation. Use keyboard shortcuts to complete common tasks instantly.

ERPLY 2015 Beta
ERPLY 2015 Beta

In-row editing

When entering orders or creating invoices, use the arrow keys to move between rows and fields. Just start typing when you need to apply a discount, change quantity or price. ERPLY automatically adds new invoice lines at the bottom.