4 Credit Card Processors Perfect for Small-to-Medium Retail Businesses

If there’s one certainty to modern retail business, it’s that you can’t grow if you only accept cash, or if accepting a card is a cumbersome process. That said, the market for payment processing companies is varied and endless. How does a small to medium sized business sort though the rhetoric to yield the best fit? With so many options, the choice can become very subjective.

The Basics

In order  accept a payment by card, you need two things:

  • An account with a provider that will process the payment for you and make sure you receive money for the sale. They might charge a monthly fee plus some percentage of every card-based sale you make. Ecommerce sales will often require a higher fee than in-store.
  • A physical means of capturing card information — some combination of chip, swipe, or tap. It could either be an at-the-counter product, or a smaller gadget that integrates with a tablet or phone.

In general, a small to medium retail business will be looking for convenience, great support, and a reasonable fee. Choose what’s important to you and your business and then choose a company that’s congruent with those priorities. Here are four companies to consider when you’re shopping for a credit card processor for your business.


Cayan are known for their award-winning customer service and transparent and honest pricing. In fact, they offer a meet-or-beat pricing guarantee, in addition to free equipment with no setup fees, free e-commerce payment setup, no long term contracts, and no cancellation fees. They have options for accepting and processing credit cards in-store, online, and on the go. They have been perfecting their craft for 17 years and offer payment solutions to businesses of all sizes. This company consistently ranks at the top of every review of credit card payment processing solutions. If you have a solid credit score and are prepared to negotiate for a good rate, Cayan is an overall great choice for businesses looking for exceptional support.


Vantiv is a leading credit card processor and POS solution provider for businesses of all sizes, processing more transactions per year than any other company. They have been in the credit card processing industry for 40 years, but maintain a fresh new energy. They promise a seamless integration experience and exceptional payment solutions across the “commerce ecosystem.” They have been acquiring award-winning companies, like Mercury and Element, and earning new accolades in the process. Vantiv ranked #21 in the Forbes 2017 Fast Tech 25 list as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the U.S. They are pushing the idea of omnicommerce and their website does a fantastic job of walking potential customers through a clear description of what cross-channel interaction and purchasing means to a business. They actually do a very thorough job of explaining all aspects of their payment solutions – POS, online, in-store, and catalog channels – and the effect good customer experience via speed of transaction and brand loyalty has on your business. If they make your customers happy, they make you happy, and that means they are doing their job according to their mission. Vantiv is a great overall choice any business.


Paypal does a lot of things right. Although they can certainly meet the needs of larger companies, they make it possible for anyone with a great idea and entrepreneurial drive to hit the ground running with a brand new (possibly micro) business. A transparent fee structure and pre-integrated credit card processing options via a large pool of well known website builders enable easy acceptance of payments on websites and apps, in person or in a store, or by email or phone with professional invoicing and Virtual Terminal. Paypal’s website states that they “are committed to democratizing financial services and empowering people and businesses to join and thrive in the global economy.” The 17 million businesses that they currently provide credit solutions to would probably agree.


If you’re looking for a highly reputable company with an enduring reputation, then look no further than Chase. They are a very large company, processing over $750 Billion in transactions in a recent year, with an overwhelmingly positive customer experience. That says they’re doing something right. They offer all the usual payment processing services, like point of sale and mobile payment processing, as well as seamless integration into secure checkout pages for your online customers and a virtual terminal. They also offer a comprehensive suite of fraud and data encryption technologies. Chase is a good fit for a business that prefers the tried and true from a payment solution provider with an emphasis on fraud prevention.

The above options will serve as a good match for a wide range of retail business sizes and complexities. If you’re a brand new store, and you need a solution that’s easy and straightforward, you might like PayPal. If you’re a growing business with good credit, you might consider Vantiv or Cayan. If your business is on the cusp of becoming a true enterprise, you might prefer the level of sophistication that Chase can provide.

All of these companies have great reputations and do their best to provide the credit card processing solutions the market needs at a competitive cost. Hopefully, what you’ve read here will help you narrow down the playing field from the perspective of what you value most for your business and from those with which you choose to do business.

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