5 Marketing Mistakes Almost Every Small Business Do + A Bonus!

Not everybody is an online marketing expert but every small business owner has to use social media to enter the market.We all have some vision that we like to reflect to the audiences but in order to do that, you should be aware of some basic tips. Knowing about these 5 common marketing mistakes will help you to spend less and get more in return on social media.

1. Start Small And Build On It

Generating a regular growth on social media needs time and strategy. Spending big amount of money on the social media ads at the beginning might not be that good. First, you have to create target audiences and improve them in time. Understanding the interests and behaviour of your audience can only happen in time. Therefore, spending an average amount of money on your first target audience can save you some money.

On the other hand, being active all the time is the best organic way to create some reaction on social media. If you don’t have a budget for marketing on social media, you can always try the organic ways. This would surely take more time and bring you less. But you still can try to grow your audience by interacting with others. This is an option, especially on Twitter and Instagram. Simply by using the right hashtags and tagging the accounts, you find related to your business will help you gain some followers. If you can create a regular feed, some competition and giveaway campaigns, it can give you a good start to build your online reputation.

2. Your Audience Is Not Only In One Channel

But they are also not in every channel either. You have to understand which social media platforms you are going to use. If you try to be basically just “everywhere”, you might waste your time on platforms where your audience is not active. This can be determined by the age of your target audience or their possible interests.

On the other hand, if you spend all of your efforts to only one platform, you can also fall behind the competition with your rivals. Social media visibility is important for today’s consumers. The style of your messages, number of followers you have and the platforms you are active on social media are always compared with other companies by the consumers when it comes to choosing between different brands.

By using different channels, you will also have a chance to create a different type of targeting. Every social media channel has different categories for audience building. For example; while you can target people according to their job title on LinkedIn, you can basically only choose interests as keywords on Facebook.  

3. Don’t Get Caught Up Too Much Into The Competition

In order to be successful on social media, following your competitors is part of your job. But on the other hand, presenting copy paste content is not good for you. The purpose of following your competitors is to follow what they are doing, why they are successful and how can you make it better than them.

Besides your competitors, who are your partners? Creating a connection between similar brands, businesses or your business partners on social media is one way to generate followers. Try to share common topics which would benefit them if they share your post. You can create offerings to your partners for them to use in their own giveaway campaigns and provide your product to different kind of audiences.

4. Know The Art Of Measuring

If you don’t know how to measure the result of your ads on social media, you can never figure out what kind of advertisement is benefiting you most. How much you are paying per click, follower or 1000 reach is important. If your costs are too high, you can try to adjust your target audiences.

Understanding what kind of content is more interesting for your audience is important too. What kind of pictures are creating more interactions, should you use videos, GIF or only pictures? Try to analyse after every ad you are spending money on.

Another question is how much engagement you are generating? Focusing on reach only might not bring you that much in return. Let’s say reach ads are most likely to create brand awareness. But if nobody is liking, commenting or sharing your posts, it is hard to turn audiences into customers. Try to create interactive posts where you relate the to same situation or ask questions or maybe just share a random small give away.

And don’t forget the traditional way, you can always ask your customers how they heard about you.

5. Make It About Them, Not Yourself

And this is the most important thing about your content. What you are sharing on social media should be interesting to your audience. Why people should read just random facts about your business? The messages you share on social media should always benefit the audiences. Use this tactic for creating special contents too. For example if you are selling clothes, you can share weekly fashion tips. Add one conceptualised hashtag special to your message, and your followers will engage with that post every week, if the topic is interesting for them.

It is the same logic behind the giveaway campaigns you will organise. Giveaway campaigns are one of the best tools to collect leads, followers and create engagement.

Bonus! There is no ultimate perfect strategy on marketing because the wishes of an audience can change all the time. But, by using these basic tips, you can start building a quality appearance on digital media. Most important of all, you should always keep in mind that marketing isn’t a short time project. It continues all the time. Even your absence on social media represents something, and that is not good for you. Therefore, doesn’t matter if your sales are going perfect at the moment or you just launched your business. Continue your marketing campaigns all the time so your brand can stay on top of the list all the time.


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