Five Reasons to Create Original Document Templates For Your Company

If you use retail software system, usually templates for your invoices and waybills are offered that take into account necessary information. Traditionally it is not possible to modify the document templates by the user, besides adding their company logo to one certain place. Erply retail software system gives free hands to our customers by offering solution to create your own original document mall that takes into account all the specific information that derives from your company needs is on the documents. Here we take out five points why creating special and original document template for your company is good idea.

1. Transmitting image

Invoice that is sent to the customer can be seen as a communication channel in a same way that any other way of communicating. Specially created and deriving from company´s brand it can help to acknowledge the image by your customers and it can support all other communication channels that are taken to use for that purpose. Furthermore, it helps to acknowledge the brand by your company´s staff as well. Already chance to add header or footer with your slogan gives a good opportunity for this. If you already own a brand style manual, you can create your documents in Erply based on that.

2. Possibility to present non-traditional information

We have understood that our clients often do need to present information on their documents that is specific and based on the specifics of their business processes. It might be need to exposit QR-code, additional information about the products or just some need for some additional field with conditions of the document. Actual Reports environment for creating document templates in Erply does offer possibility to create and modify the fields that you specifically need the way you wish to.


3. Differentiation

Every company is unique in the matters of business processes. Sadly, retail software developers usually do not take it into account. Like CV that is different from all other will be remembered more, so probably document with different layout that is sent to the customer will help to differentiate your company better from other ones. Through that you increase probability that your company will be top-of-mind in your sector.

4. Visual aesthetics

If there is possibility to change something even more beautiful with keeping the functionality, then why not to do this? Although beauty is subjective, there are certain widely accepted aesthetical ideals that you can effectively use. Documents that are beautifully designed offer enjoyment to your clients and partners while also giving additional value to your product or service.

5. Marketing channel. Campaigns.

Like mentioned in the first point where we offered possibility to use documents as a communication channel for transmitting your company´s image, there is possibility to use documents as marketing and advertisement channels as well. At the moment when there is advertising campaign happening it seems quite reasonable idea to let your customers know about it if you send them documents (for example invoices) anyway.


You can create document templates in Erply when you enter Actual Reports environment by choosing „Reports“ and then „Actual Reports“. You can also enter from documents printing view.


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