7+1 Ways Erply Can Quickly Help You Improve Sales

The most common tricks for increasing sales are gift certificates and vouchers, which we discussed in more detail here. But gift cards are by far not the only way to promote sales – there are other easy-to-use methods that can be implemented both at the checkout and in a web store. How can you promote sales with Erply’s POS?

1. Price List

Erply makes it simple. Just generate a new price list in the POS software – e.g. by applying a discount to specific product groups or special priced products – save it and start adding products. You can create three basic price list types: discounts for product groups and special prices based on quantities or products.

Product group discounts. Select the product group you want to apply the discount percentage to. You can only use discounts in whole numbers and the discount will be applied to all products in the group – even those that you add later.

A quantity price list allows you to apply a special price based on the quantity purchased, e.g. a 10% discount when you buy 10 items, a 15% discount when you buy 20, etc.

A special price for a specific product. You choose whether the discount is applied to all buyers or only certain customer groups. You can also assign special prices to a particular customer by applying the price list to their loyalty card. It’s also possible to add products one at a time or by product groups, trademarks, series or supplier. The products can be assigned a new price or discount percentage. However, you can also view the purchase price and markup to help you make sure that the sale price doesn’t fall below the cost price.

It’s important to indicate the date when the price list takes effect or it won’t be applied. No need to indicate the final date (unless it’s a temporary price list).

To automatically activate a price list, you need to link it to an inventory, customer group or specific customer. Erply’s POS allows you to make it happen in a couple of clicks, so all you need to do is come up with a strategy – when, what and in which quantity will you be offering to who.

2. Campaign

A campaign grants a discount against a coupon or when the customer meets another requirement, e.g. by buying a certain quantity of one product, the customer will get a discount on the same or other product. Campaigns are used to apply a purchase-based or conditional discount, meaning that the customer has to do something to become eligible for the discount.

Three ways to apply a discount using Erply’s POS:

  • The campaign discount is applied manually. The merchant can manually activate the campaign at the checkout, e.g. when the customer wants to use their bonus points.
  • A campaign discount using a coupon. The customer has a coupon that must be registered to automatically activate the campaign. We recommend setting the bonus point value at an increment, e.g. 1 point grants a 10-cent discount.
  • The campaign discount is automatically applied to all buyers. No coupon required.

When setting up a campaign, you need to determine, what the customer has to do and what discount they’ll get in return. As an additional condition, you can add a modifier that allows each customer to use to campaign just once.

Options for specifying the campaign’s terms and conditions:

  • The value of the purchase. The customer’s purchase has to exceed a given amount.
  • A specific purchase. A product or quantity that unlocks the campaign. You can specify a single product or a product group. A product group and specific products cannot be added to a single campaign.
  • Loyalty points. If a customer has enough loyalty points, you can specify how many loyalty points a customer has to give up in exchange for a discount percentage or amount.
  • “1 cent”. If you want to apply the campaign to every purchase, you can indicate $0.01 in the total purchase amount field.

To sum up, Erply’s POS software allows you to grant a customer a purchase discount (a certain amount from the total purchase), a product discount (for a specific product or product group) or apply a discount price for a particular product. And naturally you can apply restrictions to products that aren’t subject to the discount.

3. Coupons

A coupon enables a customer to get a discount on a future purchase. A coupon can be applied to the collected loyalty points or a certain purchase amount and can be easily paired with a campaign using Erply’s POS software. Take note that coupons can only be issued during a specified timeframe and in the stores or store groups indicated in the coupon rules. Coupons can be printed at an Erply checkout either on command or automatically.

4. Birthday

You can assign a temporary birthday discount (either only on the birthday or an additional x-number of days before and after the birthday). A birthday campaign is only activated on the customer’s birthday. The campaign is active by default if the customer’s birthday has been indicated on their loyalty card. You need to specify whether the birthday campaign grants the customer a specific amount or a percentage off their purchase.

An Extra Tip: Erply’s Customer Display App

Want to show to your customer more than just the total price? Erply’s Customer display is capable for much more than just showing a product name and price.
You can customize the display with your brand banner or use it to advertise new products and good deals. If there is no shopping process going on, the display is fully used for advertisement.
Want to thank your client after successful purchase, this is the way to go with a simple “Thank you! Come back soon!” message on display or a customized image to show your gratitude.
You can find our Display Installer here.

5. Loyalty Points

You could also grant a discount on loyalty points. Loyalty points are a part of the customer loyalty program and allow the customer to earn points on their purchases to use for future purchases. Use your Erply checkout to specify how many points a customer earns for each dollar spent. The points can be redeemed during a campaign and grant a certain amount off a purchase. You can also assign an expiry period for the loyalty points.

6. Doubling the Points

Erply’s software allows you to double a customer’s loyalty points. If you select this option, the customer will earn double the amount of loyalty points for every unit spent. The next time the loyal customer makes a purchase, their loyalty points will increase at twice the speed.

7. Loyalty Point History and Comments Function

Erply has another useful plugin that makes it possible to add comments to a customer’s loyalty points and view their loyalty point history.

All you need to do is click on the customer’s loyalty points to open a popup with a text window. Use the window to add comments (e.g. what the customer did to earn the points) and specify the reward points earned. You can also filter the reward points by date to see when they’ve been earned or used.

What to do with expired loyalty points or if a specific bonus scheme draws to a close? We’ve got you covered. Erply has a handy plugin that lets you reset the loyalty points and delete any unused ones.

So if you’re looking for reliable and impeccable POS software or for new plugins for your Erply checkout contact us or call us at +1-917-210-1251.

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