A Year Full of New Features and Integrations: Erply 2017 Timeline

Erply is a cloud-based platform, built to adapt and improve through new integrations. Our IT team is dedicated to improving our system year in, year out, and 2017 was an exception – marking twelve months full of enhancements, integrations, and new features.

We Started a New Year with a New Integration

Afterpay integration was launched for Erply users in Australia at the beginning of 2017, offering merchants a new avenue to increase revenue by offering an alternative payment method – a buy now, pay later model – to the customers who need it

Accounting Is Just That Easy

Erply’s Xero integration allows small businesses the opportunity to efficiently manage their day-to-day accounting. The integration between Erply and Xero syncs essential information for your business, including account plans, contacts, sales, and purchase invoices, respective sales and purchase accounts from selling items. The integration enables you to create professional recurring invoices and the ability to schedule bill payments.

Pay With Your Apple Device

Another important payment integration, Apple Pay, is now available to Erply users. Apple Pay is a simple and secure way for customers to make payments in your store using their Apple device. If you are looking for ways to speed up the checkout process at your register, Apple Pay integration offers an efficient and innovative solution…

Keep Working, Even Without An Internet Connection

With Erply’s offline mode, losing your internet connection means you won’t have to lose out on sales. Erply uses “best in breed” technology to allow retailers to enjoy the many benefits of the cloud, without the anxiety of internet dependency. Registers run completely independently, with synchronisation with back-end processes as often as every minute.

 The Complete Accounting Software, Erply Books

Accounting can be one of the most challenging parts of owning a business, and for the many people whose passion is for products and selling (and not numbers and calculus), the demands of accounting isn’t always an easy subject easy to grasp. Enter Erply Books, which helps business owners to organise their day-to-day accounting in a smart, simple, and straightforward way.

Secure Your Account With Auto Logout

Erply’s auto-logout feature saves you time and increases your data security. You no longer have to worry if you have forgotten to log out of your account when you’ve finished using it. With this new feature, your system logs out automatically after a set period of inactivity, in order to increase the security and safety of your account.

Buy Now, Pay Later

ZipPay integration provides another easy way for your customers to pay in your stores. ZipPay offers flexibility to your customers by allowing them to buy now and pay later, enabling them to shop both online and in-store, and checkout with a full repayment term agreed.

Work Comfortably with POS Widescreen

One of the most highly requested features from our customers was this – the ability to. View and use your POS in widescreen is now available.

Easier Store Management for Your Business

One of our latest developments, the Store Regions module is a big help in assisting you when organising your stores. Now you can group stores into regions and manage different stores within each region with ease. To touch on just one feature, Store Regions allows you to set up price lists and apply to an entire group of stores all at once.

Configure Your Receipts for Your Needs

With updates to the Receipt Printout feature, you can configure and display additional information on your receipts as suits your business needs.

Display Discount Information

With our latest improvement, now you can select which discounts to show on receipts, including promotion, price list, and manual discounts.

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