Find out what this simple but powerful internet based accounting software includes. Look at the following software images and read more about the possibilities.

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Financial Reports

Balance, income statement, cash flow statement, ledger, entries list, account statement – all available, accessible and easily usable.

Manual Journals

All expenses, incomes, financing and investing actions that cannot be described in purchase and sales documents can be entered in regular entry module.

Expenses Management

Manage and follow expenses – those that arise from the purchase process as well as expenses that are the result of amortization and other actions!

Flexible General Ledger

Track your ledger in terms of accounts, dates and if needed print the outcome in Excel.

Automatic Entries

When entering payments, invoices, cash release tickets the accounting transactions relating to them are made automatically!

ERPLY Integration

Import ERPLY invoices with one click because all the accounting is done automatically. The start-up is easy and the amending of store balance is also simpler than ever!

Tracking Money

Besides sales and purchase invoices there are other places where money moves in and out. It is also very easy to count various other disbursements (bank and interest expenses, arrears of wages and the payment of other expenses-debts) and incomes (loan, owners down payments and interests earnings) in Margn.

Set-up, general

Managing Multiple Users

Do you need multiple users? It is not a problem because Margn has a safe system that enables several authorized users to access company’s data via internet.

Managing Multiple Accounts

One user can also manage several companies. This opportunity is especially suitable for those accountants who manage several companies at once or for those entrepreneurs who at once have several undertakings going on.

Simple Importing Opportunity

You can use any electronic spreadsheet program (Excel, OpenOffice, Google Docs) to import data.

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Purchase and Sales Management

Simple Invoice Entry

It is very easy to enter the invoices. Those clients-purchasers and purchase and sales articles that did not exist before are automatically saved and the whole user logic has been thoroughly tested.

Expense Claims and Other Expenses

There is a separate entry form for cash items that fixes the document and payment at the same time.

Integration with ERPLY

If you need warehouse, cash register solution and/or a better CRM solution you should use ERPLY business software to manage them. In ERPLY the importation of documents to accounting is done with one click!

Manage Unpaid and Outstanding Invoices

Track and manage your own and your client’s debts with a powerful purchase-sale register: advance payments, profits-losses from currency exchange rates are calculated automatically, multiple payments can be entered to one invoice. Mark invoices as unlikely to come in and enter payments in different currencies.

Customers and Suppliers

All documents related to customers and suppliers can be seen in different reports. Advanced payments and debts of customers and suppliers are calculated automatically.

Accounting with Invoices

After saving the invoice or payment, the accounting actions are done automatically.

Flexible Invoice Customization

You can adopt the invoices according to your needs: add/remove columns needed (discount, code) and edit invoice footer.

Additional Options

Projects for Tracking Expenses-Incomes

Organize expenses and incomes accord to projects and get a better picture of your actual financial situation.

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