Delete products from the price list.

To add products to price list, use the addProductToPriceList API call.
To edit a product in the price list, use the editProductInPriceList API call.
To retrieve the products that are on the price list, use the getProductsInPriceList API call.

Input parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionPossible valueRequired
priceListIDThe price list where the product rows will be deletedInteger yes
priceListProductIDsThe rows to be deleted from the price list. A comma-separated list, such as: 1,2,3.

You must send the IDs of price list row records — not product IDs. To find out the respective row IDs, call getProductsInPriceList first.


Field nameTypeDescription
deletedIDsStringThe rows that were deleted. Comma-separated list of integers.
nonExistingIDsStringA comma-separated list of IDs that were not valid integers, and IDs of rows that do not exist in this price list.