Retrieve all customers who have a non-zero balance (who have unpaid invoices, prepayments, store credit etc.). For each customer, API returns a link to PDF payment reminder document, and also links to all unpaid invoices in PDF format.

NB! The links are valid for one-time use ONLY. You should download the PDF’s and e-mail or display them as needed, but the link should not be shown or forwarded to customer.

Input parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionPossible valueRequired
typePossible values: PAYMENT_REMINDERString yes
customerGroupIDCustomer group ID.Integer
customerIDsMultiple customer IDs, separated by commas, such as: 1,2,3,4,5String


Field nameTypeDescription
customerIDIntegerCustomer ID
customerNameStringName of the customer.
customerGroupIDIntegerCustomer group ID
customerGroupNameStringName of customer group.
emailStringEmail of the customer.
statementLinkStringURL pointing to pdf file
balanceEnabled0 or 1For some customers, balance calculation may be disabled (typically the anonymous retail customer who is the default customer in POS). This flag can manually be set on customer card. If flag is set, balanceEnabled = 0.
unpaidInvoicesArrayA list of customer's unpaid invoices. Each list item has the following attributes:

invoiceID - ID of the invoice
invoiceNo - number of the invoice
invoiceDate - date of the invoice
total - Invoice total (= net + vat + rounding)
paid - paid amount
dueDate - due date of the invoice
pdfLink - URL pointing to a PDF version of the invoice.