Get product quantities on Purchase Orders that have not been fulfilled yet.

Input parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionPossible valueRequired
warehouseIDInteger yes
productIDRetrieve one specific product.Integer
groupIDRetrieve products in this specific product group. (See getProductGroups.)Integer
groupIDWithSubgroupsRetrieve products in this product group, or in any of its sub-groups, sub-subgroups etc.Integer
supplierIDRetrieve products of this supplier. (See getSuppliers.)Integer
brandIDRetrieve products of this brand. (See getBrands.)Integer
priorityGroupIDRetrieve products in this priority group. (See getProductPriorityGroups.)Integer
categoryIDRetrieve products in this specific category. (See getProductCategories.)Integer
categoryIDWithSubcategoriesRetrieve products in this category, or in any of its sub-categories, sub-sub-categories etc.Integer
getProductsWithReorderPointDefinedIf set to 1, API returns only products with Reorder Point defined.Integer
getProductsWithRestockLevelDefinedIf set to 1, API returns only products with Restock Level defined.Integer


Field nameTypeDescription
productIDIntegerProduct ID.

This API call may return a lot of data (tens of thousands of records) and the output is non-pageable. If you have a large database, API may be unable to serve the request — you will get an error code or empty output. However, there is an alternative way: you may request output in CSV format.

To retrive output as CSV, specify responseType = "CSV". API will respond you in JSON, providing a link to a CSV file::

The CSV file is in "latin1" encoding. Field separator is comma. All fields, including decimal fields, are quoted.