Get information about the company running the account.

Note that ERPLY allows to set different contact information for each store (location, warehouse). Each store may have a different phone number, e-mail address, postal address. In ERPLY back office, you can set that on location card.

Even company name, registry number and VAT number can be customized per-location — although you will probably need that only if your company is a franchise chain consisting of different corporate entities; and you are using a single ERPLY account, instead of a separate account for each entity.

To retrieve per-location information, see API getWarehouses. Only if a location does not have eg. a phone number, you can fall back to the corporate phone number.

This data set can be edited with API call editCompanyInfo.


Field nameTypeDescription
idIntegerRecord ID. You do not need to use this field, becuase getCompanyInfo always outputs one single record.
nameStringCompany name
codeStringCompany's registry code
VATStringCompany's VAT number
phoneStringCorporate phone number
mobileStringCorporate cellphone number
faxStringCorporate fax number
emailStringCorporate e-mail address
webStringWebsite address
bankNameStringName of company's bank.
bankAccountNumberStringNumber of company's bank account.
bankIBANStringIBAN number of company's bank account.
bankSWIFTStringBIC/SWIFT identifier of company's bank account.
bankName2StringName of company's bank.
bankAccountNumber2StringNumber of company's bank account.
bankIBAN2StringIBAN number of company's bank account.
bankSWIFT2StringBIC/SWIFT identifier of company's bank account.
addressStringFull postal address. Company may have several addresses defined; this API call returns only the first one of these.
countryStringDO NOT USE THIS FIELD. See getConfParameters → "country" instead (to check which country settings this ERPLY account runs with).
defaultClientIDIntegerDEPRECATED — getConfParameters → "default_client_idDat" is recommended instead.

The ID of default POS customer. Note that each POS register may actually have a different default customer; this is just the fallback value. See getPointsOfSale.
invoiceRoundingDecimalDEPRECATED — getConfParameters → "invoice_rounding" is recommended instead.

The rounding setting applied to sales invoices . Possible values: 0.01 (no rounding), 0.05 (rounding to nearest 5 sub-units - cents, pennies etc.), 0.1, 1 (rounding to the nearest unit - euro, dollar or pound)
defaultCurrencyStringDEPRECATED — getConfParameters → "default_currency" is recommended instead.

The 3-letter currency code of account's default currency (eg. "USD")