Retrieve all transactions where customers have earned reward points.

This API call is for building custom loyalty programs. For other related calls, see addCustomerRewardPoints (to add points to a customer manually) and getUsedRewardPointRecords (to retrieve transactions where customers have spent reward points}.

For simpler integrations, you will more likely need getCustomerRewardPoints to retrieve a customer’s point balance, and subtractCustomerRewardPoints to subtract points from customer.

To edit one specific record, use editEarnedRewardPointRecord. (Under normal circumstances, you should not use that method; this is only for transfering points history from one customer to another, or for correcting errors in points history. To add or remove points, use subtractCustomerRewardPoints and addCustomerRewardPoints instead.)

Input parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionPossible valueRequired
customerIDCustomer ID.Integer
customerIDsComma-separated list of customer IDs. Retrieve transactions associated with multiple customers.String
createdUnixTimeFromUnix timestamp
createdUnixTimeToUnix timestamp


Field nameTypeDescription
transactionIDIntegerTransaction ID.
customerIDIntegerCustomer ID.
customerCardNumberStringCode of customer's loyalty/membership card.
invoiceIDIntegerInvoice ID. Sale that earned the points.
invoiceNoStringInvoice number.
createdUnixTimeUnix timestampTransaction timestamp.
expiryUnixTimeUnix timestampExpiry timestamp.
pointOfSaleIDIntegerRegister ID.
employeeIDIntegerCashier who processed the sale.
descriptionStringAvailable only if "Reward point extras" module is enabled on your account.

This API call returns error 1006 if "Reward points" module is not enabled on your account.