Retrieve some total figures about employee sales performance. Currently this method only returns information about the currently authenticated user. Calling this method does not require any user rights.

This method returns only one record, with the fields described below.

These figures may be approximate, ERPLY may use optimizations to return these figures quickly (eg. to cache the calculated values). For authoritative sales data, see API call getSalesReport.

Unfortunately, timeclock records are not available over the API yet.


Field nameTypeDescription
totalSalesThisMonthDecimalCumulative sales for this employee this month. (Total sales = sum of all invoices created by this employee. Advanced commission sharing options — sharing one invoice between multiple people, associating an invoice line with a particular attendant — are ignored). The figure is net total or total with VAT, depending on the region.
totalSalesThisWeekDecimalCumulative sales this week. Uses locale-specific beginning of week (Sunday or Monday).
timeWorkedThisMonthDecimalEmployee's cumulative work time according to timeclock, in hours
lastClockInUnixTimeUnix timestampLast clock-in time. This allows the API client to calculate today's worked hours in real time. If this user is not currently clocked in, the value is 0.