Retrieve events or appointments.

In Erply backend, events (appointments) are listed in the Calendar » Tasks module.

To edit or add an event, use saveEvent.

Input parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionPossible valueRequired
eventIDRetrieve one specific event.Integer
descriptionSearch for an event, by any text contained in event name (description).String
employeeIDFilter events by employee (assignee, stylist).Integer
submitterIDFilter events by creator.Integer
supllierIDFilter events by supplier.Integer
statusIDFilter events by status.Integer
typeIDFilter events by type.Integer
customerIDRetrieve events associated with one customer.Integer
customerIDsComma-separated list of customer IDs. Retrieve events associated with multiple customers.String
startDateTimeFromISO date and time string ("yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss")
startDateTimeUntilISO date and time string ("yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss")
endDateTimeFromISO date and time string ("yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss")
endDateTimeUntilISO date and time string ("yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss")
warehouseIDFilter events by location.

Salon-specific attribute. Available only if Salon / Spa module is enabled on your account.
searchAttributeNameSearch from attribute name.searchAttributeName and searchAttributeValue have to be specified bothString
searchAttributeValueSearch from attribute valueString
getAllSalonEventsThis is an event type filter. getAllSalonEvents = 1 returns all special spa/salon events (appointments, employee breaks, lunches, vacations, sick days), except for the events that represent employee work schedule.Integer (0 or 1)
changedSinceRetrieve only items that have been added or modified since the specified timestamp. Use it to keep a local database in sync with ERPLY.Integer (Unix timestamp)
langRetrieve item names in a specific language. If omitted, API will return item names in the default language of your ERPLY account.
Possible values:
  • 'eng' - English
  • 'spa' - Spanish
  • 'ger' - German
  • 'swe' - Swedish
  • 'fin' - Finnish
  • 'rus' - Russian
  • 'est' - Estonian
  • 'lat' - Latvian
  • 'lit' - Lithuanian
  • 'gre' - Greek
orderByPossible values: "startTime", "endTime", "type", "status", "customerName", "employeeName", "submitterName". By default: "startTime"String
recordsOnPageNumber of records API should return. By default 20, at most 1000.Integer
pageNoAPI returns at most recordsOnPage items at a time. To retrive the next recordsOnPage items, send a new request with pageNo incremented by one. By default, API returns "page 1".Integer


Field nameTypeDescription
eventIDIntegerID of existing document. If this parameter is present, then an existing event is updated.
descriptionStringEvent name or description.
typeIDIntegerEvent type ID. For all event types, see getEventTypes.
typeNameStringEvent type name.
startTimeDatetime (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)Start date and time of the event, eg. 2010-05-18 15:40:00 (in the account's default timezone).
endTimeDatetime (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)End date and time of the event, eg. 2010-05-18 16:00:00 (in the account's default timezone).
customerIDIntegerID of the customer related to this event (eg. a phone call or a meeting with particular customer).
customerNameStringName of the customer.
contactIDIntegerID of the customer's contact person.
contactNameStringName of the contact person.
projectIDIntegerID of the project associated with this event.
projectNameStringName of the project.
employeeIDIntegerEmployee whom this task was assigned to.
employeeNameStringEmployee name.
submitterIDIntegerEmployee who entered or assigned this task.
submitterNameStringSubmitter's name.
supplierIDIntegerSupplier ID.
supplierNameStringSupplier name.
statusIDIntegerEvent status ID. For all event statuses, see getEventStatuses.
statusNameStringEvent status name.
completed0 or 1, by default 01 if this event is completed, otherwise 0
resourceIDIntegerResource associated with this event.
resourceNameStringResource name.
productIDIntegerProduct ID. This is a salon-specific field — the service (eg. a haircut or coloring) associated with this appointment.

API only returns this field if Salon / SPA module is enabled on your account.
productNameIntegerProduct name. API only returns this field if Salon / SPA module is enabled on your account.
warehouseIDIntegerLocation / salon ID. API only returns this field if Salon / SPA module is enabled on your account.
checkInTimeUnix timestampAPI only returns this field if Salon / SPA module is enabled on your account.
checkOutTimeUnix timestampAPI only returns this field if Salon / SPA module is enabled on your account.
serviceStartTimeUnix timestampAPI only returns this field if Salon / SPA module is enabled on your account.
typeStringSpecial codename of the event type. This is only available for special spa/salon events, if you are using the respective module. Possible values: APPOINTMENT, SCHEDULE, BREAK, LUNCH, VACATION, SICKDAY.
statusStringName of the event status. If Salon / SPA module is enabled, possible values: SCHEDULED, CHECKEDIN, NOSHOW, BEINGSERVICED, CHECKEDOUT, NONE.
notesTextLonger description, associated e-mail message or anything else.
lastModifiedUnix timestamp
attributesArrayAdditional attributes. Each item looks like this:

Field nameTypeDescription
attributeNameStringAttribute name
attributeTypeStringAttribute type
attributeValueStringAttribute value
addedUnix timestampItem's creation time. To retrieve this field, set input parameter responseMode = "detail". This field is not included in the output by default.