Retrieve payment types.

To create a new payment type, see savePaymentType.


Field nameTypeDescription
idIntegerPayment type ID.
typeString (10)A code name for this payment type.

In savePayment and getPayments API calls, you can refer to a payment type either by ID or by code name. Code name may be more convenient when working with standard payment types (CASH, CARD etc.). However, you can also give code names to your own custom payment methods.

Standard types that ERPLY recognizes (there may be standard functionality attached to payments of these type) are: CASH, CARD, CREDIT, GIFTCARD, CHECK, TRANSFER, TIP.
nameStringPayment type name
print_nameStringName on receipt
quickBooksDebitAccountStringQuick Books debit account
addedUnix timestampCreation time.
lastModifiedUnix timestampLast modification time.

NB! These types are for classifying payments. Do not confuse these with "invoice payment methods".

"Payment method" is an informative field on invoices, showing how the customer will likely pay the invoice. If you want to manage invoice payment methods instead, see getInvoicePaymentTypes and saveInvoicePaymentType.