Returns today’s cash, card and other payment type totals for the specified register (point of sale).

This API call is for implementing a day closing procedure in POS. API provides day totals as recorded by ERPLY; cashier can then input actual counted amounts and reconcile the differences.

The returned totals include all payments that have taken place since the day was opened at the register. If you provide input parameter “openedUnixTime”, API will check if a day was opened at that time; if it does not find that day opening event, an empty response is returned. If the parameter is omitted, API will automatically fetch the latest opening of the register.

This API call can also be called after the day closing procedure, should it be necessary.

If you are looking for X Report / Z Report printouts, see API call getReports.

To open or close the register, see POSOpenDay and POSCloseDay.

Input parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionPossible valueRequired
pointOfSaleIDPoint of sale ID.Integer yes

Specify the currency in which the day was opened, and get today's totals for this specific currency.

This parameter is necessary when you want to count cash separately for different currencies. This requires the additional module "POS multicurrency"; please contact customer support to enable it on your account.

To count cash in multiple currencies, day must be opened in the register separately in each currency. For instance, if the store accepts EUR, USD and JPY, three POSOpenDay calls need to be sent when the day is opened; one for each currency. Day totals must be retrieved with three "getPointOfSaleDayTotals" calls, and the Z Report can be retrieved separately for each currency with getReports.

If the "POS multicurrency" module has not been enabled, setting a value to this input parameter will return API error code 1028.

String (3)
openedUnixTimeOpening timestamp. If specified, API tries to retrieve information that specific register day, otherwise, today's information is returned.Unix timestamp


Field nameTypeDescription
pointOfSaleIDIntegerPoint of sale ID.
openedUnixTimeUnix timestampOpening timestamp.
openedEmployeeIDIntegerEmployee opening the day.
paymentTypeString (10)CASH, CARD or TRANSFER
cardTypeString(255)Credit card type, eg. VISA, AMEX, M/C etc. (for card payments only).
beginningAmountDecimalTotal amount of cash in register at opening time.
closedUnixTime:Unix timestampClosing timestamp.
closedEmployeeIDIntegerEmployee closing the day.