Get a list of coupons that have been redeemed at the register.

For a more generally useful API call, see getIssuedCoupons. getIssuedCoupons lists coupons with ALL statuses — active, expired, redeemed — and you can also use a status filter to retrieve any of the three.

Input parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionPossible valueRequired
uniqueIdentifierUnique identifier of the couponString
changedSinceRetrieve only items that have been added or modified since the specified timestamp. Use it to keep a local database in sync with ERPLY.Integer (Unix timestamp)
recordsOnPageNumber of records API should return. By default 20, at most 100.Integer
pageNoAPI returns at most recordsOnPage items at a time. To retrive the next recordsOnPage items, send a new request with pageNo incremented by one. By default, API returns "page 1".Integer


Field nameTypeDescription
issuedCouponIDIntegerID of the redeemed coupon.
couponIDIntegerID of coupon code.
couponCodeStringCoupon code.
uniqueIdentifierStringUnique identifier of the coupon.
timestampUnix timestampAccept time.
invoiceIDIntegerInvoice the coupon was redeemed with.
invoiceNoStringInvoice number.
customerIDIntegerCustomer who redeemed the coupon.
warehouseIDIntegerStore or location where the coupon was accepted.
warehouseCodeStringStore or location code.
pointOfSaleIDIntegerRegister where the coupon was accepted.
employeeIDIntegerSalesperson who accepted the coupon.
addedUnix timestampCreation time.
lastModifiedUnix timestampLast modification time.

getRedeemedCoupons requires promotions module and returns error 1006 if that module has not been enabled on your account.