Retrieve invoices to which rounding was applied.

This API call may be useful for a report which needs to summarize and show amount of applied rounding separately from sales revenue.

Rounding can be configured in back office, Settings → Configuration (all invoice totals to be rounded to the nearest 5 cents, 10 cents or full currency units) or in POS (receipt total to be rounded only if customer pays in cash).

This report only returns confirmed Invoices, Invoice-Waybills, Receipts and Credit Invoices — ie., sales documents that incur sales revenue.

API call getSalesDocuments can be used to retrieve full data about documents.

Input parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionPossible valueRequired
dateFromDate range filter.ISO date (yyyy-mm-dd) yes
dateToDate range filter.ISO date (yyyy-mm-dd) yes
warehouseIDFilter by warehouse ID.Integer
pointOfSaleIDFilter by point of sale ID.Integer
recordsOnPageNumber of records API should return. By default 20, at most 500.Integer
pageNoAPI returns at most recordsOnPage items at a time. To retrive the next recordsOnPage items, send a new request with pageNo incremented by one. By default, API returns "page 1".Integer


Field nameTypeDescription
invoiceIDIntegerID of sales document.
invoiceNumberStringInvoice number.
dateDateeg. 2010-01-29
amountOfRoundingDecimalRounding amount.