Remove an association between a price list and a store region.

Store regions can be used for grouping stores (locations, warehouses). The main feature of store regions is that price lists can also be applied to a region, not just individual stores, thereby simplifying price list management. A region can also have an unlimited number of price lists, unlike a location, which is limited to 5 price lists.

To retrieve a list of regions (and price lists associated with them), see getStoreRegions. To associate a price list with a region, see addStoreRegionPriceList. To reorder region price lists, see editStoreRegionPriceList.

The price lists associated with a region will be automatically applied when making a sale from POS or creating a sales document in ERPLY back office, or when calling API calculateShoppingCart.

This API call is available only if “Store regions” module has been enabled on your account.

Input parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionPossible valueRequired
storeRegionIDStore region ID.Integer yes
priceListIDsA comma-separated list of price list IDs to be removed from this store region. (The price lists themselves will remain in the system, and can be associated with other regions or locations.)String (comma-separated list of integers) yes


Field nameTypeDescription
removedPriceListIDsStringComma-separated IDs of price lists that were removed from this region.
nonExistingIDsStringComma-separated list of values that were not numeric, or IDs which did not refer to existing price lists, associated with the specified region.