Upload company logo.

Input parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionPossible valueRequired
imageContentImage content in base64. Use base64_encode($imagefile).Image yes
imageMimeTypeImage mime-type, allowed types are image/gif, image/jpeg and image/png.String yes
imageTypeImage type.Possible values:
"INVOICE_IMAGE" - This logo will be shown on invoice printouts and be considered as the "official" logo.
"CASHRECEIPT_IMAGE" - This logo will be shown on receipts.
"INVOICE_AND_RECEIPT_IMAGE" - Upload the same image for both invoices and receipts.
"INVOICE_SIGNATRURE" - Signature replica that will be shown on invoice printouts.
String yes


Field nameTypeDescription
imageNameStringName of the added item.
imageName2StringName of the added item. If image type is "INVOICE_AND_RECEIPT_IMAGE", returns also this parameter.