Create or update a component of VAT rate (or sales tax / GST / etc. rate, depending on what taxation is used in the particular country).

To delete tax component, see deleteVatRateComponent.

The following call can be used only if the “City, county and state tax rates” module has been enabled on your account.

Input parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionPossible valueRequired
vatRateComponentIDRequired for editing an existing component.Integer
vatRateIDParent tax for this component. Required when creating a new component.Integer
nameVAT rate name. Use either general parameter "name" or one or more of the following parameters if you need to set the names in specific languages.String
rateVAT / tax rate

Make sure that the component tax rates, when added up, equal the total parent tax rate. Eg. if state tax is 5%, county tax is 3% and city tax is 0.75%, make sure that you set rate = 8.75.
typeCorresponding VAT component type. Component must belong into one of 4 fixed categories, and it rarely makes sense to define two components that share the same category.

Following the US sales tax model, the categories are:
  • STATE (state sales tax),
  • COUNTY (county sales tax),
  • CITY (city sales tax),
  • OTHER,
but you can use them for your own custom setup if needed.


Field nameTypeDescription
vatRateComponentIDIntegerID of the newly-created or updated item