A request for sending a document or report by email. This API call is synchronous (returns when email is sent) and can take a few seconds to complete. Sending will be handled by the server. Email subject, sender’s address, message content and attachment format (HTML/PDF) will be decided serverside and are configurable from ERPLY settings.

Input parameters

Parameter nameDescriptionPossible valueRequired
idID of the document. For invoices, their numeric identifier. In the future, longer identifying strings may be used for printing reports.String yes
typeDocument category - SALESDOCUMENT or PURCHASEDOCUMENT.String yes
emailE-mail address of the receiver. May include several addresses, separated by commas or spaces.String yes
senderEmailIf unspecified, invoice creator's email address or company's general email address will be used.String
messageIf unspecified, default email message text for this particular document type will be used.String