All of Your Contacts in One Place

Always stay up-to-date with the Customer Registry app. Create or import a database of contacts, and instantly integrate them with Erply’s back office. All changes made to the Customer Registry app update in real-time and can be integrated with the additional third-party software.

As you build out your customer database, you may need to separate contacts based on specific customer information or departmental needs. The Customer Registry app lets you segment contacts with custom tags and quickly filter through customers within your contact database. When you need to share your contact information, you can generate contact reports or export contacts into a spreadsheet for easy analysis.

Intuitive Contact Management

Streamline your CRM efforts and ensure your contact database organized and easily accessible. Store contact data, social information, and add detailed notes into each contact’s entry. Erply’s Customer Registry app makes contact management easier than ever, giving retailers more time to focus on running their business.

Because all of your contact information is stored in one central, cloud-based location, you can easily access your contact database from any device at any time. Users can be assigned unique logins and varying levels of access to ensure your contact information remains secure.

Customer List Directly on Your Phone

With the Customer Registry app, you can view your entire customer list right from your mobile phone.

Organize Clients as You Wish

Add custom tags to customers to keep your customer list as accurate as possible.

Create Specific Reports

Use your categories and tags to create reports for specific customers.

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