Customer Display

Save time and increase sales with Erply’s Customer Display app. Connect to any web-based device with a screen and display promotions, product advertisements, or any other engaging store media.

The customer display app uses HTML so you can completely customize your in-store experience and keep your customers engaged with your brand. Choose a design, upload images, connect a display device, and you’re ready to go.

Displays can be scheduled in advance so you can spend more time focusing on your business. Set up different display reels for groups of stores to highlight regional sales or set up your displays on specific time frames to advertise limited-time offers.

Your customers expect a quick and painless checkout process. The customer display app gives you the tools you need to minimize confusion and complete transactions at a faster rate.

The customer display app comes with a variety of features to make your checkout experience as smooth as possible.

Display discounts and promotions!

With the customer display, you can easily show your customers their purchase total, along with any applied discounts.

Identify customers

Identify your quicker than ever, and let new customers fill forms to become a regular.

Present your promotions

Display ads about your business or campaigns in sleep mode.

Send invoices straight to email

Email the invoice directly to the customer to make accounting easier.

Did they like the service?

The customer screen can be used to collect tips or donations!

Physical receipts? No, thank you!

Display a QR code for a receipt or custom text with a web link on the screen.

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