About ERPLY Australia

ERPLY Australia provides cloud-based, iPad-oriented Point of Sale and Inventory Management software for retailers, with a focus on multi-store operations. ERPLY Australia manages all areas of your retail organization including point of sale, sales back office, inventory management, employee payroll, accounting, customer CRM, multi-channel/e-commerce and more, in a single integrated system.

Our POS lets you to run your business efficiently and in style and features fully integrated POS solution for iPad tablets, Windows PC-s, Android smartphones, and dedicated POS hardware. Cloud-based, mobile and easy to configure, ERPLY Australia simplifies running multiple registers. Ring up sales, track customers, and manage inventory and employees from any LAN or wireless network.

Our goal is to allow retailers to focus more on business and less on IT, by providing a solution that is easy to use, cost effective, and technologically superior. ERPLY Australia comes equipped with a powerful API. This key tool gives retailers the freedom to integrate existing systems, allowing for a truly centralized management experience. ERPLY Australia is the trusted cloud solution for retailers of all sizes, from one-store SMB’s, up to large corporate-run retail chains.