Before Improving The Customer Relationships

Having a strong relationship with your customers is very important for a sustainable profit. There are lots of ‘musts’ in customer relationship management, but in the same time, there are some steps you have to take before doing so. How can you improve your engagement before knowing “who is your brand” and “who are your customers”? Here are some essential points to help you figure out the answers to these questions. Don’t forget to follow our blog for the second article of the series, “Improving your customer relationships”.

Define Your Brand

First thing is first. Before taking any other steps, you should spend your time on defining your brand. For example, “What are the core values and missions of my company?”. Try to define your weaknesses and strong sides. When defining your brand, put as much clarity as possible into how the brand and business is described, nothing should be kept hanging in the air.

Why should a customer chose you and not another option? What do you think differentiates your brand from the others? It’s important for your brand to be different than other similar options available to customers. Of course, your brand experience is what differentiates you, but you should think about the things that attribute set you apart from others. Your goal is to be different and better than your competition.

You should also ask questions such as; “What is the personality of my brand?”. Brand personality is a set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand name. This personality can shape with the certain writing style or voice, design style, color scheme. Your brand’s personality can be happy, formal, young, mature etc. The important thing is to create an emotional association among the customers. You can analyze your brand in order to find your personality, or you can build up a strategy to create the brand personality you want.

Who Are My Customers?

Creating your customer profile is important for every step you are going to take in the future. Your business decisions should be taken according to your customer profile. Your brand identity and customer profile are deeply connected. For example, if your company believes in giving back a percentage of profits to charity, these activities could impact the type of customers your business attracts.

After defining yourself, now it is time to get to know your customers better. You should start with defining your current customers, so you can also work on your target market. Who is your target market? Who do your products and services attract? While defining your current customers, you can ask yourself questions like “What are my customers’ needs? ”. You should answer this question based on your ability to fulfill such demands.

Try to map out your customers based on the demographics, psychographics, behavior, age, interests, gender and more. This mapping will help you to create your customer persona or profile.

To have the most accurate customer profile as possible, survey your audience consistently to get their feedback about your service or products. You can always use free of charge online survey tools or you can offer short feedback forms in your shop, restaurant, online shop. Keep in mind that the shorter your feedback forms are, the more answers you get from your customers. Try to be precise with your questions, so you can get sharper answers.    

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