Prestashop POS integration from Erply Retail

This module is intended to be used as example code by software developers only. The module may require modifying the PHP source code or server configuration to work in your hosting environment. The module may also contain errors that only developer with PHP and PrestaShop experience can solve.

ERPLY Prestashop POS integration does not offer any warranty or support for this module. However we still think this module can be a good starting point for anyone wanting to integrate their PrestaShop store with ERPLY POS system.

Prestashop POS Module features

Supports product import from Erply POS system to Prestashop, including product name, description, price, images etc

When new order is received through Prestashop it is automatically imported to Erply POS system

About PrestaShop POS module

Bring ERPLY inventory management power to your web store with our PrestaShop module. This module is a software component that can be added to your PrestaShop installation to provide integration with your ERPLY inventory management account.

This component is provided as open source and without warranty.

Hiring a PrestaShop expert to do the setup and provide ongoing support is highly recommended.

To use this Prestashop POS system module

Give the following link to your PrestaShop expert:

Also provide your expert with a link to these setup instructions

Validate the integration using a test setup and decide if any improvements are needed

Your PrestaShop expert may then tailor the module to your needs

ERPLY POS system setup instructions

We have developed an Erply POS module to synchronise Erply and Prestashop data. This module allows the import of Erply products and Prestashop products and sends Prestashop orders to Erply. This guide details the setup and use of the Erply module.

Start SetUp

To start using the Prestashop POS module, follow the steps listed below:


1. Prestashop POS system module installation

Copy the Erply POS module to the Prestashop ‘Modules’ folder. Log in to Prestashop administration panel and go to the ‘Modules’ page

Erply POS system works with Prestashop

Scroll the page down to the ‘Tools’ block where the Erply POS module row can be found.

Erply POS Prestashop

Click the Erply POS module ‘Install’ button, a ‘successful installation’ message appears on the top of the page.

Erply POS integration with Prestashop


2. Erply Prestashop POS module setup

Scroll down to the Erply module row and click ‘>> Configure’ to setup and use this module.

Erply Prestashop

On the module page type in your Erply user credentials and save them using the ‘Save’ button.

Erply Prestashop

Before synchronising the products some settings can be made. Those settings can be made for any synchronisation direction (Erply->Prestashop, Prestashop->Erply).

Erply Prestashop POS

Erply Prestashop POS

Product categories are created automatically during the first product synchronisation and updated during the next synchronisation if more than 24 hours has passed from the last import. In order to force categories import (e.g., categories are deleted for testing purposes) select ‘Yes’ for ‘Force categories’ in the dropdown list. The ‘Amount’ field is used to set the number of products to synchronise. Leave it blank to synchronise all products.

The synchronisation process is divided in two parts, from Erply to Prestashop and from Prestashop to Erply, in order to make the module more flexible and let the user decide in which direction the synchronisation should be made.

To begin the product synchronisation click the ‘Start’ button for the required synchronisation direction. The module will synchronise categories and products. After the initial synchronisation use the ‘Start’ button if you wish to update existing categories/products or to synchronise newly added categories/products.

Keep in mind that Eply POS allows 500 API requests in an hour. If that number is exceeded, an error message will show.

Prestashop POS from Erply

In this case, return to the module page, wait for an hour and try to continue the synchronisation by clicking the ‘Start’ button.


Prestashop POS module synchronisation details

This module performs a two-way synchronisation of the Erply POS Prestashop product categories and Erply-Prestashop products, so all Erply products appear in Prestashop and all Prestashop products appear in Erply.
In case of Erply->Prestashop synchronisation the fields are mapped as:

The module also imports product images.

The Prestashop POS module creates a new Erply order in the case of a new Prestashop order. When a Prestashop customer places an order on the checkout page, the module sends data to Erply and a new Erply order is created for future handling. It also creates new Erply customers and their addresses if they do not exist.

While creating a new Erply order the fields are mapped as:

To create a new Erply order, the module imports the products’ tax rates, order currency, product names, ordered amounts and prices to Erply.
This module includes a cron job which updates the Prestashop order status when it is paid in Erply. To enable the cron job, use the server’s crontab command (crontab filename).