Who Is Tyro?

ERPLY partner Tyro is a fast and integrated EFTPOS provider for retailers in Australia.

With ERPLY Australia integration with Tyro, you can manage your electronic payments, reduce the cost of their acceptance and improve your business processes. By integrating to Tyro with ERPLY Australia, you can have a faster and streamlined way to let your customers pay and accept Credit, Debit and PayPass™ payments on iPad, Mac or PC. The ERPLY integration with Tyro provides both in-store and mobile payment solutions.


Why Should I Integrate to It?

Save time with the easy setup process! Once you integrate your ERPLY POS with Tyro and receive your EFTPOS terminal, you can easily set up the payment option in POS with few steps.

Especially for multi-location retail chains or business owners with multiple registers, speed in the transactions is the key feature you might consider before choosing your EFTPOS. By integrating your ERPLY POS with Tyro, you can accept payments on a light speed on any device rather it is iPad, Mac or PC. The integration provides immediate transaction reporting on your ERPLY POS and captures payment data immediately. Tyro integration helps you to cut down the peak queue times and eliminate payment errors with an instant sync between your EFTPOS and ERPLY POS. You can accept payments in less than 2 seconds, with sub 1.6 second rather you are using broadband or Wi-Fi connections.

Besides the fast nature of Tyro EFTPOS terminals, by integrating your ERPLY POS, you can also accept Tap & Save payments. Tap & Save payments help you to reduce the traffic at the register as your customers can simply pay by “tapping” their cards. This feature also can help you to reduce your Merchant Service Fees by processing the contactless debit transactions through the cheaper eftpos network. With ERPLY & Tyro integration, on average, you can save more than 6% on Merchant Service Fees. Actual savings for each business vary depending on their card mix transaction volume and amount, industry and pricing plan.