Berlin POS version 3.26.0 release notes

Base version: 3.25.3

New Features

  • Can set customer for offline product prices synchronization via configuration parameter using the customers id
  • Possible to read scanned EAN codes via configuration parameter by using a regex expression designed for the scanned EAN structure
  • Option to enable supervisor PIN validation for manual discounts that exceed the maximum discount limit of the employee

  • Scan customer code, which will select the customer without having focus on the customer field

  • Ability to define document types to be sent to secondary printer for printing via configuration parameter by using a comma separated list of document types
  • Random weighted products supported. These products are bought in to the warehouse by pieces but sold by weight


  • Configuration parameter to allow only original tenders on void/return is enabled and the original transaction was completed via gift card then now cash is enabled as a tender for void/return
  • Rounding when using multiple currencies has now been fixed both visually in POS and on transaction documents


  • Transaction payment via integration fails then pressing ‘Cancel’ now gives the customer the possibility to do external payment if allowed for integration. If red X (‘cancel’) is pressed instead of external payment and some payments were already covered then they will be voided and customer redirected to payment view (if integration supports voiding previous transactions)

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