Berlin POS version 3.27.1 release notes

Base version: 3.26.10

New Features

  • Added JS Plugin store integration support
  • Added Argentinian currency peso (ARS)
  • Added VAT number management on company type customers
  • Added price list calculations support in offline when synchronizing documents
  • Added extra parameter to support getting price list calculation steps for quick products and searchable products
  • Added configuration parameter "touchpos_search_customer_on_enter_key_only", which allows execute customer search only by pressing Enter key
  • Added multilingual promotion support if promotions module enabled


  • Store correct card names with Cayan payment integration on void or return transactions
  • Removed Zendesk module – not in use anymore
  • Manual discount either document/product based promotions displaying correctly
  • More fields now translatable to all other languages that POS supports


  • Allow sell to POS default customer on POS dark theme
  • Fixed product and product groups synchronization for initial login if multilingual POS in use (multi lingual products/product groups/promotions and so on)
  • From plugins stored locally to offline use, now can contain double slash comment lines
  • Fixed price calculation error (may happen), if network quality is not very good

Released with hotfixes (3.26.10)

  • Added override price method on offline mode. Now price can be changed up or down in offline
  • Added image scaling for large images and added canvas width/height for image drawing. This will avoid receipt printing problems with very large logo image files
  • Fixed offline tax calculation where tax was multiplied by row quantity
  • Fixed manual discount usage, if order prices need recalculation by configuration parameter "touchpos_order_pickup_recalculates_prices"
  • Fixed saved sale restore if Applied Manual Discounts module is not installed
  • Get manual discounts for saved sales for completing sale later
  • Added Vietnamese currency Dong (VND) support and option to round VND to nearest 500
  • Fixed payment rounding, where in some cases, calculation is incorrect

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