Berlin POS version 3.29.1 release notes

Base version: 3.28.2

New Features

  • Added ability to change payment provider device IP even if a user is not the admin (Cayan)
  • Added Cayan Mini support for iOS (processTransaction, cancelTransaction)
  • Implemented all-in-one and regular receipt printing from Nets-ingenico terminal for Android
  • Added configuration parameter,"touchpos_print_receipt_duplicate_to_secondary_printer" which allows re-print receipt from the secondary printer
  • GDPR – log customer detailed view event from POS
  • Added new transactionTime parameter supplied by Back-Office to providers Nixor and VeriFone Finland


  • Remove logo if streamline is printed and POS is offline (Greece fiscal type A)
  • Offline streamline location and size fix – same as online (Greece)
  • Added HTML standard header to all in one receipt (fix font size issue in offline mode)
  • Changed the rules of when a coupon should be redeemed
  • Do not open coupon add view, if coupons are added automatically (conf.param "touchpos_use_customer_coupons_automatically")
  • Added getStockInfo parameter for quick products synchronization to avoid getting 0 stock warning for items with actual stock


  • Fix document number retrieve from API before saving the document 
  • Fixed secondary printer displaying issue if a primary printer is payment terminal
  • Fix Greece fiscal type A in offline mode (correct VAT values)
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