Berlin POS version 3.32.0 release notes

New Features

  • Custom tender types defined in "pos_custom_extra_card_payment_types" and any other tender type that Back Office gives us with a sales total will now also be counted when end of day / Day closing is being performed.
  • Support for taxed gift cards. (Europe requirement)
  • Support for sending swedish fiscal unit serial number to logs in order to comply with swedish fiscal laws.
  • New configuration parameter “Confirm any order to invoice in current warehouse only” to make it possible for customers to complete an order at the current warehouse even if the initial order was placed at a different warehouse/location.
  • Weighted products manual price override confirmation popup to pending sales. (Gives a popup if a products price needs to be confirmed by cashier when reopening a pending sale)


  • Double payment sum on some credit card return transactions.
  • End of day “reason required” configuration parameter logic to be able to close the day if this parameter is turned off.
  • Verifone Finland payment integration reversal issue.
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