Berlin POS version 3.4.0 release notes

Build: 2015061802
Base version: 3.3.4

New Features

  • Merchant Warehouse (Cayan) payment integration
  • Credit invoice duplicate print (configuration)
  • Standalone External Device Integrations EDI (previously named EPSI) support
  • Bank of America integration (Phase 1)
  • Updated UI icons
  • User menu links are now region specific
  • Plugin hook – support selecting tax rate on document item edit
  • Plugin hook – support customising print data
  • Android Google Cloud Print support
  • Android Ingenico iWL250 (Bluetooth) payment terminal support
  • Android Bluetooth Devices discovery/pairing/unpairing support
  • Product edit mode does no longer wiggle the icons, instead icons are displayed and header banner with edit mode information text


  • Rounding calculation implementation improved
  • Configuration field for determining how price should be displayed
  • Improved support for Nets Ingenico reverting payment UI flow – iPP350 / iWL250
  • EDI (EPSI) payment terminal Test Connection status
  • EPSI renamed to EDI – External Device Integrations
  • Direct printing is no longer account configuration
  • Ability to login in into same POS on two devices – duplicate invoice numbers can occur only when there’s no internet.


  • Invoice total and payment did not match, fix a race condition where “late” API request would overwrite document total and causing payments and totals not match
  • EDI (EPSI) configuration view looking ugly in retail view in some languages
  • EDI (EPSI) error messages could not be closed
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