Berlin POS version 3.8.3 release notes

Build: 2015092401
Base version: 3.6.2

New Features

  • Option to show product code instead of name on quick selection buttons, by default name is displayed
  • Reason codes for tax exception
  • UK open/close day currencies
  • Ability to apply manual promotions multiple times (if conditions matches)


  • Ability to mark products non-discountable with product attribute: notification_not_discountable


  • Display error if gift card serial is not valid – swiped data from simple swiper
  • Bluetooth scanner support, reduce number of false positive results on slow bluetooth scanners
  • Refactored auto logout feature to ensure that multiple logout timers would not be registered


  • Fix document total being incorrect after confirming Product Out Of Stock dialog
  • Fix iOS 9 HID scanner not scanning products
  • Associated register can be bypassed via open day dialog

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