Beauty and Cosmetics POS

Erply’s putting a fresh face on the cosmetics industry

Everyone has their own style, and Erply can help cosmetic stores stand out. Our customizable receipts, shelf tags, and labels help you stand out among the rest. Even with thousands of different colors and tones, Erply’s inventory management tools make it easy to find exactly what you or your customers are looking for. Cosmetics stores choose Erply because they know the importance of being unique.

E-Commerce Integration

Minimize data entry errors and streamline your work process by integrating with e-commerce platforms, like Shopify.

Irresistible Promotions

Segment your customers and target them with irresistible offers. Set up BOGO deals, percentage discounts, or create your own unique promotion to sell slow-moving inventory.

Organize Complex Inventory

You might sell cosmetics that are available in different colors or in a waterproof alternative. Organize these items into a matrix to better track sales data for each product variation.

Employee Management

Track employee hours with a built-in timeclock and foster healthy competition with commissions and store sales goals.

Customer Loyalty

Set up a reward point system and create special offers for your repeat customers. Encourage customers to return to your store by letting them cash in loyalty points for unique rewards.

Gift Cards

Make it easy for your customers to take care of birthday and holiday shopping. Sell gift cards at a flat price or let customers choose how much credit to load onto a gift card.

Superior Inventory Control

Keep an eye on your top-selling cosmetics and ensure they’re always in stock. Schedule stock replenishments when inventory hits a certain threshold or easily initiate inventory transfers.

Elegant Designs

Create compelling product labels and shelf tags to keep customers interested in your brand. Establish a professional look by putting your logo on receipts, invoices, and purchase orders.

Disposal of Orders

If the desired item is out of stock or in short supply, accept special orders for in-store pickup or simply set up a shipment.