Coffee Shop POS

Erply makes serving coffee even quicker

The secret to a successful coffee shop is more than just good coffee. Even with the best coffee in town, you need to deliver the best possible experience, so your customers choose you the next time they crave their caffeine.

Fast Transactions

Satisfy your on-the-go customers during the busy morning rush. Combine an easy-to-use application with programmable touchscreen keys to quickly punch up popular items.

Earn Customer Loyalty

Make sure your regulars know you appreciate their business. Give them reward points for every purchase, and create exciting ways for them to come back and cash in.

Irresistible Deals

Erply’s promotions engine helps you build the perfect deals. Create discounts for different coffee types, offer promotions for end-of-season flavors, or set up discounts for specific customer groups.

Collect Marketing Data

Easily capture customer data at the POS to track purchasing behavior and record each customers’ sales history. Collect contact information to offer digital receipts or email-only promotions.

Track Employee Performance

Use Erply’s built-in timeclock to track employee hours on a weekly or monthly basis. Keep your shop well-staffed at peak business hours without overworking your employees.

Motivate Employees With Sales Goals

Reward your employees for their hard work by awarding commissions. Target specific products, set a standard rate, or set a sales goal where commissions kick in.