Pet Supplies POS

Why pet supply stores love Erply

66 million US households own at least one pet and, as the industry continues to grow, customers demand more and more from pet supply companies. Between health, grooming, and care services, pet owners want to ensure their pets’ needs are covered. Pet supply stores use Erply to maintain meaningful customer relationships, manage large quantities of goods and services, and keep customers loyal to their store.

Customer Management Made Easy

Create groups of customers to inform your product recommendations. Notes on a customer’s profile can list pet birthdays, type of pets, or any other relevant information.

Promotions and Loyalty Programs

Attract customers with special promotions and discounted bundles. Keep customers coming back with rewards programs to earn additional discounts.

Custom Labels

Build label templates in Erply and print them on receipts, orders, and invoices. Create eye-catching labels to highlight new or hand-crafted inventory.

E-Commerce Integrations

Minimize data entry errors and streamline your work process by integrating with e-commerce platforms, like Shopify.

Built-in Timeclock

Unique logins make it easier for both you and your employees to track total hours worked and commission goals. Clock in from anywhere to make sales or view timesheets.

Detailed Inventory Management

Maintaining stock can be a tedious process. Stocktaking and reporting tools keep inventory lean while ensuring your top-selling products are well-stocked.