Vape Store POS

Why do vape stores love Erply?

The vaping industry is expected to double in the next three years, but competition between stores is fierce. Successful businesses use Erply to manage their supplier base to get the best prices, identify what’s selling and what isn’t, and keep their customers engaged.

Detailed inventory management

Erply helps you ensure that you order the right amount of inventory. Stocktaking and reporting tools keep inventory lean while ensuring your top-selling products are well-stocked.

Killer promotions

Use promotions to encourage customers to purchase slow-moving inventory. Offer BOGO deals, percent discounts, or create your own unique promotion.

Create eyecatching labels

Direct customer attention towards new inventory or promotional items. Use Erply to build label templates and print them on shelf tags, receipts, invoices, and more.

E-commerce integration

Offer a better customer experience. Minimize data entry errors and streamline your work process by integrating with e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

Supplier management

Keep strong supplier relationships by storing detailed supplier information. Automate orders for each supplier when inventory levels reach a defined threshold.

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