Introducing Afterpay: A New Way to Buy Now, Pay Later

The way people earn and spend money is being reimagined every day by technology, but payments options and the world’s largest financial institutions haven’t kept up. Shoppers want flexibility and simplicity in how they pay for their purchases. How does ‘buy now pay later’ sounds to you? With Afterpay, you can offer this flexible payment method to your customers.

Afterpay is free to use a payment method that allows your customer’s purchase to be paid for in full through four equal fortnightly installments, interest-free, and it is fully integrated with Erply.

How to Use Afterpay?

Afterpay provides a quick and easy usage for both customers and retailers. Customers can sign up and start using Afterpay with a few quick and easy steps.

First, visit, hit “Sign Up” and enter your details. When your account has been created, enter the amount you expect to spend with Afterpay, along with your debit or credit card details. Your balance should be approved instantly and you will receive a unique barcode. During payment, present the barcode for scanning by the customer assistant register – and that’s it. With your first of four equal payments made, customers can take their items to home and pay for them later

To start using Afterpay in your favourite shops, you must be 18 years or older, live in Australia, and have a debit or credit card to apply to your Afterpay account.

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