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Why to choose Erply in Canada?

There are many business software solutions that “do the job”. Erply it not limited to that – we are based on a business process. Erply is a web-based retail software that works wherever you have an Internet connection. Erply contains all the apps and integrations needed for retail and covers the entire workflow from end to end in real time. See reports, track sales, send invoices via email, create sales campaigns, increase efficiency! For us, it doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 50 stores – creating the next store is only a click away. Take our Point of Sale self service app in use to avoid queues in stores and reduce labor costs! Did we mention Erply offers FREE customer service through phone, email and chat?

Some of our customers in Canada

M&M Food Market is Canada’s leading retailer of fine frozen foods with more than 360 locations. M&M Food Market has been recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for 10 years in a row. Why Erply? They chose Erply for its powerful Franchise tools. Initiative to deploy new systems with the target of improved client engagement. Services included full data transition (9million customer records clean up and hosting). Dedicated private cloud. Integrations to existing systems (external warehouse, existing coupons engine). M&M rolled out 50 locations/weekly resulting in successful full chain deployment.

Terra 20 is a franchise chain that provides healthy, environmentally sound, sustainable products for your home and body. Why Erply? Terra 20 chose Erply for its ability to integrate to its e-commerce, as well as its flexible promotions and pricing features.

Wild Birds unlimited is a Franchise Chain with locations throughout the US and Canada. Wild Birds Unlimited specializes in bringing people and nature together through the hobby of backyard bird feeding and nature products. Their stores offer the highest quality products including Bird food, Bird Baths and Bird houses. Why Erply? Wild Birds unlimited chose Erply as a replacement for its legacy RMS system. The goal was to move to a more flexible, cost effective Cloud based system, without losing functionality. They have since integrated e-commerce for central ordering and fulfillment.


Payment methods and bank integrations

For the Canadian market, Erply offers their customers Adyen payments, TSYS Edge Express and Moneris.

Hardware integrations

Don’t let hardware hold You up. Erply makes it easy to get selling fast. If you are currently using another point of sale system, Erply may already work with your existing devices. Erply runs on any device with a web browser, and also provides apps for iOS and Android. Therefore your tablet, desktop or laptop can be transformed to a work station fast.

Supported platforms

Erply works on all of the most popular platforms, for workstation use you can use Windows, macOS or Linux, and for the mobile environment we have native applications on both Android and iOS. All the applications are region specific.

E-commerce integrations

Erply customers will have the possibility to use Erply’s existing webshop integrations: Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento free-of-charge. These integrations are built by Erply integration team and are updated regularly to match more complex needs from our customers globally. Shopz is Erply’s on e-commerce platform that’s fully integrated with Erply. See more HERE

Erply's products that are supported

For more advanced warehouse needs, Erply offers a mobile solution for the warehouse workers, called Erply WMS (Warehouse Management System). By using WMS Erply customers can make their warehouse 100% paperless, reduce the time and cost of inventory management and order fulfillment, all while keeping all of the data in the cloud real-time. For customers with increased sales channel needs, Erply offers a full range self service POS solution. With Erply self service POS, you can add a digital worker to your store that can replace your cashiers, or add more ways for customers to pay for their products! All Erply functions are also available through mobile apps, making the smart device in your pocket a real helper in your daily work life. For example Stocktaking with your mobile app. Read more:

Erply partners as well with Docura EDI to offer various business automation solutions that will increase the efficiency of your business. Docura offers product data management, electronic data interchange, automating workflow with logistics companies, information system integration that can all be integrated with your Erply account. Read more:

Erply enables you to send out SMS notifications to your customers upon making a sale, an order or when a work order has been finished. Read more:

Support in Canada

We offer FREE support in English.

You can contact us by phone: +1 855 463 7759

or by email:

Taxes, currencies and languages

Canada as requirement that they need reporting and separation between provincial and federal tax in some provinces.
Legal requirement to have the province/federal tax breakdown on receipt in some provinces like QC.
Also need partial tax exemption is required, and supported by Erply. 

We support the following currencies in Canada: CAD, USD.

Erply is fully translated into French and English.

NB! Quebec province has legal requirements regarding language. You may need to have bilingual printouts or to select the language of printouts if they don’t want to operate fully in French.

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