Bike Shop Viimsi

About Bike Shop Viimsi

Bike Shop Viimsi is a premium bicycle service provider, founded by industry experts who have worked in leading bike shops. With a focus on detailed and comprehensive bike maintenance, they aim to exceed industry standards and deliver high-quality services at competitive prices.


Bike Shop Viimsi faced several challenges in the bike service industry. Competitors treated bike service similar to car service, underestimating the complexities and variations involved in bike maintenance, only delivering the service that was asked for, often overlooking other technical problems. Many clients lacked knowledge of bike maintenance, requiring additional guidance and detailed explanations.

Choosing Erply Service App

To address these challenges and provide a superior service experience, Bike Shop Viimsi opted for the Service App. The Service App's functionality allowed for granular data entry, enabling the shop to capture and track detailed information about each bike and the services performed. This helped the shop stand out from competitors and offer transparent pricing, giving clients a clear understanding of the value they were receiving.


The implementation of the Service App brought remarkable results to Bike Shop Viimsi.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By going the extra mile and putting additional effort into bike services, Bike Shop Viimsi exceeded customer expectations. The detailed data entry in the Service App provided transparency to clients, showing where their money was being spent and instilling confidence in the shop's expertise.

Improved Efficiency

The Service App eliminated the risk of lost information, ensuring all service orders and client details were accurately recorded and accessible. In cases where specific parts were not in stock, Bike Shop Viimsi could order them directly from suppliers, leveraging the extensive network of suppliers and parts interchangeability.


Exceptional Customer Experience

By offering personalized recommendations and guidance, Bike Shop Viimsi created a welcoming environment for customers. This approach resulted in one particular customer purchasing multiple bikes for themselves, their child, and their spouse after receiving outstanding service and advice.

Focus on Service and Relationships

Bike Shop Viimsi recognized that every interaction didn't need to end in a sale. Instead, they prioritized building genuine relationships with customers, leading to increased trust and loyalty.

Resourcefulness and Dedication

Despite facing skepticism from others for opening a bike shop in the middle of October, Bike Shop Viimsi's founders took matters into their own hands. They built the shop from scratch, including walls, floors, and furniture. Their determination and resourcefulness paid off, aligning perfectly with the start of the cycling season.

Preparation for Success

During slower periods, Bike Shop Viimsi utilized the Service App to plan their work efficiently, ensuring they were fully prepared for the upcoming season. The app's ability to retain information and streamline work processes proved invaluable in managing operations and improving productivity.

Bike Shop Viimsi's reputation has soared, thanks to their commitment to delivering exceptional service, raising industry standards, and providing customers with a holistic bike maintenance experience. The Service App played a vital role in their success, empowering them to meet customer expectations, streamline operations, and establish a solid foundation for future growth.