180° Smoke Vape Stores

Co-founded by Canadian heart-surgeon Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar, 180° Smoke is the result of a collaboration between medical, technological, philanthropic, and retail professionals sharing a common vision to develop the right balance between disruptive and creative innovation. Their liquids and devices are designed in Canada.

“We have to recognize that cigarette addiction has multiple causes and quitting is extraordinarily difficult. The traditional methods have a 70 percent failure rate, we wouldn’t accept that result for any other illness. From a public health point of view immediately enacting tobacco harm reduction strategies and use of novel tools like e-cigarettes is going to benefit millions of people.”


180° Smoke faced a challenge common to many businesses today: integrating online e-commerce with brick-and-mortar stores and warehouse locations. Seeing an opportunity for growth, they needed a POS that could easily integrate their existing product data with an e-commerce platform. Inventory tracking and logistics can be overly complicated without a single view of inventory and activity across all locations. 180° Smoke needed a powerful, centralized solution to easily manage their complex product structure. And, as a Canadian business, 180° Smoke required the ability to provide tax-exempt options at the point of sale for First Nations customers.

Choosing Erply

With e-commerce integration being a top priority, Erply’s extensive API provided a clear path to integrating 180° Smoke’s e-commerce platform exactly the way the company needed. Diving into API integrations can be a time-consuming challenge, and 180° Smoke chose Erply for our highly personable support staff. With extensive training and guidance offered by our team of support experts, choosing Erply meant that the vape store would be able to hit the ground running. Erply’s built-in tools for Canadian businesses, like tax exemption, multi-currency, and multi-language capabilities, made the retail platform an optimal choice. Not only could they provide an easy option for tax exemption for First Nations customers, those sales could be specifically reported on in Erply’s back office.


Since choosing Erply, 180° Smoke expanded their business from 1 to 10 locations in only two years.

Superior Inventory Management

Erply’s cloud-based platform means 180° Smoke can manage logistics and shipments from anywhere — a huge plus during their rapid growth. They were able to keep up with their growth using Erply’s tools to provide accurate sales reports by location and track and accept purchase orders.


The ability to capture customer information in the system allows them to track behavior such as repeat purchases, collect contact info for customer outreach,, and identify when shoppers are more likely to make larger purchases.

In-depth Promotions Engine

In response, they have leveraged Erply’s promotional tools to design ‘flash sales’ and similar targeted promotional opportunities for their most loyal customers. This has resulted in additional retail revenue on days that had formerly been lacking.