Dobbs & Bishop Fine Cheese

Dobbs & Bishop Fine Cheese, located in Bronxville, NY, are well known for their selection of domestic and international cheeses, along with gourmet provisions to accompany them. Their very own Chef Cabera, a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, makes fresh ricotta, boursin, soups, and appetizers, reliably creating a line that extends outside the shop. Keeping the best for their customers in mind, there are no artificial preservatives found in their fresh foods, always made daily along with sandwiches and soups.


As a cheese shop, Dobbs & Bishop sell most of their inventory by weight. At the point of sale, the process of weighing items and calculating prices was unacceptable considering the aforementioned customer line. With no inventory management system to speak of, and an outdated point of sale they looked to Erply for a solution.

Choosing Erply

In addition to the easy-to-use point of sale, Dobbs & Bishop appreciated Erply’s robust inventory management tools to manage their large product catalog. The cheese shop was especially impressed by Erply’s ability to create weight-based barcodes, a feature they were unable to find in other POS providers. Rather than creating a new inventory entry for every individual weighted item, Dobbs & Bishop is able to pre-determine cheese platters and other foods sold by the pound.


Weight-based Barcodes

Erply’s weight-based barcode feature means Dobbs & Bishop can predetermine prices for weighted items and custom cheese platters, rather than create unique SKUs for each individual product. The results have been leaner inventory and a smoother checkout.

Purchasing Insights

Customers can call in an order for a special item, like a custom cheese platter. The order is generated at the POS and saved in the system for when the customer picks it up. Using the sales data captured in Erply, they predict which items will sell the most and what to expect on their busiest days.

POS Flexibility

Erply’s cloud-based system means Dobbs & Bishop can keep an iPad handy as a second register when the store sees traffic surges. It’s also great for stocktakings combined with a mobile scanner. “Erply’s back office is a critical tool in managing, analyzing and planning our business. We rely on the Reports feature to compare year to year sales to calculate orders for upcoming holidays. We can weed out poor sellers and also spot trends that aren’t apparent without the analysis Erply provides.”