How Lumav and Erply Empowered OCCO

In this case study, You can read more about how Lumav and Erply Empowered International Furnishing Brand OCCO to Establish a Successful E-commerce Store with Enhanced Product Enrichment and a Mobile-Friendly PWA Solution.

OCCO, a prominent brand in the interior design industry, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the world of interior design by making high-quality, well-designed furniture accessible to all. With a diverse customer base that included offices, hotels, restaurants, rental properties, medical facilities, educational institutions, and the public sector, OCCO faced the challenge of meeting the increasing demand from individual and small business clients while maintaining exceptional customer service. To overcome these challenges and lay the groundwork for business growth, OCCO sought the expertise of Lumav and utilized Erply's robust business software.


As OCCO's popularity soared, the company faced a surge in orders, necessitating efficient order management systems. Furthermore, OCCO's extensive product range, spanning hundreds of thousands of products with numerous variations, coupled with information scattered across PDFs, made effective product management and enrichment a formidable task. Moreover, OCCO's discerning customer base demanded an exceptional online experience, including a mobile-friendly interface to cater to the prevalent mobile shopping trend.


Lumav and OCCO embarked on a comprehensive business analysis project, in collaboration with Erply, to identify and address critical aspects of e-commerce, such as inventory management, logistics, customer service, and marketing. Competitor analysis was conducted, and strategic goals were set based on the findings. With a clear roadmap in place, Lumav and Erply worked closely with OCCO to implement a tailored solution.

To facilitate seamless omnichannel experiences for OCCO's customers, Lumav and Erply embarked on an ambitious integration project. In addition to integrating products, categories, inventory, and orders, Lumav and Erply integrated customer data, addresses, and order statuses, ensuring a holistic view of OCCO's operations. Special attention was given to the creation and integration of matrix products, enabling OCCO to effectively manage complex product variations.

Recognizing the significance of streamlined product management, Lumav and Erply guided OCCO in establishing efficient product enrichment processes. By leveraging a Product Information Management (PIM) system, OCCO gained a centralized platform to manage and enrich product information, including images and configurable products. This enhanced product visibility and streamlined content management, resulting in improved customer engagement and conversion rates.

To cater to the growing mobile shopping trend, Lumav and Erply employed Progressive Web Apps (PWA), an innovative technology championed by Google. Through PWA, OCCO's e-commerce store offered a seamless mobile experience that rivaled native mobile applications. Checkout design was optimized specifically to increase mobile conversions.


Through the collaborative efforts of Lumav, Erply, and OCCO, the e-commerce store was successfully launched within the agreed-upon timeframe. OCCO's sales team experienced a significant reduction in workload, thanks to the streamlined order management systems. Implementing a robust PIM system empowered OCCO to efficiently handle a vast product catalog, resulting in improved productivity and accuracy. With the mobile-friendly PWA solution, OCCO's customers enjoyed a seamless shopping experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention. The e-shop is now ready for expansion first in the Baltics and later elsewhere throughout Europe.


The partnership between Lumav, Erply, and OCCO proved instrumental in overcoming the challenges faced by the furniture brand. Through effective product enrichment, streamlined order management, and the adoption of a mobile-friendly PWA solution, OCCO successfully established a robust e-commerce presence. OCCO's commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and making premium furniture accessible to all was further solidified.

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