Patton Ave Pet Company

Patton Avenue Pet Company, or “PAPCo”, is a curated pet supply chain located in North Carolina with an emphasis on education and animal nutrition. Its workers strive to educate customers on the importance of high-quality pet diets, offering personalized recommendations based on the latest nutrition news.

Jenna Wilson founded the company after she saw how a natural, focused diet significantly improved the health of her epileptic dog, Dupree. Jenna built her business to be a go-to resource for all things pet-care, and very quickly became popular in the North Carolina pet community.

“We like to help solve problems, not just offer band-aids for the symptoms.”


As the business grew, it became evident to Jenna that her current point of sale wouldn’t be able to keep up with the scale of growing her business was seeing. “I started looking into opening a second location. One of the limitations of the POS we were using at the time, however, was that it didn’t support multiple locations. This is when I knew that in order to continue growing the business, we would need to find a new POS.”

Choosing Erply

Patton Avenue Pet Company aw experiencing rapid growth and needed a scalable POS that could keep up with their stores. They needed a POS that was able to handle their constantly-changing inventory, track special orders from multiple suppliers at once, and efficiently manage inventory between the company’s three locations.
“I have so much better control over my inventory than I could have ever imagined. Being able to accurately see what sells and what doesn’t helps me keep my inventory selection lean but prevents us from running out of good sellers.”


Patton Avenue Pet Company reports better control over its ordering processes and an overall increase in inventory visibility. The consistency and stability provided by Erply have fueled the pet store’s growth, and it continues to grow in popularity to this day!

Detailed Reporting Tools

PAPCo saved money by making use of Erply’s inventory and stocktaking reports. They are able to keep all three locations stocked with the most popular items without overstocking items.


The pet store makes good use of Erply’s loyalty program and comprehensive promotions engine to keep customers coming back, and more importantly, satisfied with the brand.

POS Flexibility

Jenna is a huge environmentalist, so she loves how Erply gives her the option to email receipts. PAPCo reports that after using Erply, 75% of customers switched to emailed receipts, saving them a nice sum of cash.
“I love that I can log in from home, my phone, anywhere I need to be, which gives me a ton of freedom.”