About Victorinox

Victorinox is an iconic global brand renowned for its exceptional Swiss Army knives and high-quality products. With a rich heritage spanning decades, Victorinox has established itself as a symbol of precision, durability, and innovation. From outdoor adventurers to seasoned professionals, they continue to inspire and empower individuals with their versatile and reliable tools. Victorinox operates a successful retail chain with locations across 8 countries globally.


Victorinox sought to upgrade their legacy system with a modern and SaaS-operated POS solution. They prioritized a web-based system accessible through a browser, eliminating complex installations. Another crucial requirement was a well-documented and modern API to facilitate seamless data exchange with other systems.

“Victorinox was looking for a modern and SaaS operated POS system. Something that was not available from big names POS vendors by the time we searched. Erply already had it. Working in a browser. No big footprint installations necessary, says Sandro Versiglioni, Service Owner Retail POS of Victorinox.

Victorinox faced significant issues related to integration and multinational operations. These challenges included:

Lack of POS Integration to ERP
Victorinox's existing POS system was not seamlessly integrated with their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. This lack of integration resulted in manual data entry, increased the risk of errors, and hindered efficient data sharing between different departments.

Payment Solution Compatibility
Victorinox operates retail stores in multiple countries, each with its own unique payment regulations and systems. The retail chain lacked a standardized payment solution that could be used across all locations.

Multinational Support
Victorinox needed a POS software that could effectively support their multinational operations. This included accommodating various languages, tax structures, and fiscalization requirements specific to each country of operation.

Choosing Erply

Victorinox chose Erply POS after an extensive search among major providers, as they were unable to find a solution that met their requirements. Erply stood out with its comprehensive functionality right out of the box. It had all the features and capabilities that Victorinox was looking for. With Erply, Victorinox found a perfect fit, allowing them to streamline their retail operations and deliver a seamless customer experience.


Erply offered a robust set of features that aligned perfectly with Victorinox's requirements. The key features of Erply POS that helped Victorinox overcome their challenges include:

Real-Time Analytics
Erply's advanced reporting and analytics capabilities empowered Victorinox with actionable insights into sales trends, product performance, and customer behavior. This data-driven approach helped the retail chain make informed decisions regarding pricing, promotions, and product assortment.

API Support for ERP Integration
Utilizing the Erply API, Victorinox seamlessly integrated their ERP system, enabling automated data synchronization, streamlined processes, and enhanced data accuracy. This integration allowed for real-time Inventory updates, centralized reporting, and improved operational efficiency.

Multinational Support
Erply provided language localization, enabling store staff to interact with the POS system in their preferred language. Moreover, Erply POS accommodated diverse tax structures and fiscalization requirements, ensuring compliance with local tax laws and regulations in each country.


Victorinox currently uses Erply in their retail locations with plans to expand to additional countries. They are now enabled to integrate systems seamlessly for a truly centralized experience.

"Erply provides a well documented and cutting edge API. We wished such an API was available for other systems we use. Data exchange would be much easier," says Sandro Versiglioni.

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