Cloud vs. Conventional POS’

Online Made Easy

Cloud based technology, also known as “Software as a Service” or SaaS, makes it easier for retailers to realise their business goals within an estimated timeframe, largely owing to its flexibility and ease of use. This technology has also substantially updated the operations of the Point of Sale, making it extremely efficient.

















Cloud computing solutions for the POS are significantly different from on-the-spot solutions. Here’s a few of their key features:

  • Connectivity — cloud storage maintains the core functionality of the POS system but also enables the benefits of being online, 24/7.
  • Security — Data is stored securely and can be accessed by the user on demand, from any location. Naturally, on-the-spot POS services have a higher risk of data loss. Such risks include hardware failure, machine theft, or any other disasters that may compromise the system. By storing data off-site in the cloud the integrity of the data will be maintained, despite any local physical disasters.
  • Ease of use — By storing information online, rather than on a local hard drive, the user gains a vital extra layer of security.
  • Versatility — Retailers can use and modify offers and discounts quickly and easily, from any location. This helps keep their businesses up to date and better serve customers. Additionally, Cloud-based POS systems are compatible with nearly all other online systems. This opens the doors to many kinds of solutions that enable business growth, such as social networks, Google AdSense, etc.
  • Cost saving — It’s simple to install and any add-ons are easy to get hold of. Any retailer, regardless of their size can use this system and cut costs investment and maintenance costs nearly in half in the process. A simple iPad can run an entire café. Also, Cloud-based systems have minimal or no upfront fees, and range from $70-$500. Pay-as-you-go services and cloud business applications allow small operations to run at the same level as their big-hitting contemporaries, enabling them to disrupt the market whilst they remain lean and nimble.
  • Speed — Traditional POS systems have a slow processing speed and also jeopardize data. A cloud-based POS also brings faster billing and receipt processing speeds, cutting down on the amount of time a customer wastes, which is a huge positive for them. Faster server processing speeds and loading help make the cloud an excellent customer time saver!
  • Accuracy — In any business, accuracy is a must. Many businesses face difficulties when reviewing historical information, such as sales, purchases, and customer information because data has been stored inaccurately or unrecorded transactions have occurred. This is not a problem for cloud-based POS’, they keep track of all information and also allow the user to work on the data and keep track of all the transactions with prior validation.

As a final point, it’s definitely worth noting that cloud-based systems are constantly in flux and always capable of upgrading. They are customizable and adaptable to future changes in technology. Such characteristics make them an excellent choice now and for the future.

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