Coming soon, an ERPLY release: added features, new improvements!

How soon? The new release will begin rollout this very month, October 2013. We listened to our customers and thank you for your feedback and suggestions. You’ll see many of your requests, issues, and bugs resolved in this release. Expect to see new additions to your ERPLY account, improvements on most of the modules, new reports, fewer bugs, and a few tweaks that just improve the flow.

Your business and ERPLY, let’s grow together.

New Features:

  • E-mail Invoices from the back office
  • Actual Reports offer more customizable printouts with “Composite Fields” (invoices, and PO’s, and Customer Loyalty cards, oh my!)
  • “Refresh list” added to Actual Reports template list
  • Unfulfillable Sales Orders Report has been added – check in on your pending Purchases and Sales Orders
  • New York and Massachusetts tiered taxes
  • Separate user rights for Sales Orders
  • Matrix Inventory Report + Period Purchases & Sales, Prepayment Report
  • Adjust costs on confirmed Inventory Registrations (even with our (i) update!)
  • Matrix Grid displays quantities in stock
  • Customer Export – finally, export your entire customer database!
  • Javascript plug-ins (can be used to add new modules, customize fields, and more)
  • Product images accessible over API are now available to all
  • Rewards points balance report


  • Report Generator
  • Sending invoices by e-mails
  • Expiration dates on Coupons
  • Search tool for Products and Customers
  • Can’t send to invalid e-mails
  • Gift Cards Report
  • Product import matches better
  • Receipt printouts now display multiple card payments
  • Sorting orders in the sales report
  • Tracking Purchase Orders
  • Store credit being added over API
  • Archived products no longer listed in Reports
  • A user can no longer delete his/her user account (This actually happens a lot)

Stay tuned for the full release, including further details and pictures. Got ideas for more improvements? We love to hear them. Send them along to Include your account number, we may just have what you’re looking for already!

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